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      Founded in 1998 and became a joint venture in 2003, Sinomonitor International, (abbreviated as Sinomonitor) is one of the largest and most influential consumption and media research companies in China. Sinomonitor is one of the top ten market research enterprises. With the trinity layout of Beijing headquarters, Guangzhou and Shanghai branch companies, the Sinomonitor business scope covers more than 400 cities, county seats and villages. There are more than 400 professional researchers and top experts who are skilful at economics, sociology and psychology and our team established a research structure involves media, advertising, public relations and marketing.  

       Sinomonitor launched a series of syndicated research, such as China Marketing and Media Study (CMMS), China’s New Rich Marketing and Media Study (H3) and China OTC Marketing and Media Study (OMMS) and these studies are now the necessary tool and prestigious standard for consumer insight and media planning. Based on syndicated research, Sinomonitor developed media study and new media study which are widely recognized as leading brand by the international 4A companies and domestic advertising agencies. Meanwhile, the ad-hoc research of Sinomonitor expands its research scope continuously and accumulated sufficient research experiences at tobacco, fast moving consumer goods, medication, fashion and luxury goods, IT, auto and consuming electronic products and financial fields, these researches gained high reputation in the industry for Sinomonitor.